MORAI AVx Connector V3

Supports Ansys: 2022 R1, 2022 R2, 2023 R1
Target Application: AVxcelerate
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The App allows users to test Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors under MORAI’s high-fidelity Digital Twin and user configured driving scenarios.


AVx Connector enables MORAI SIM: DRIVE as a driving simulator for Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors. MORAI SIM: DRIVE provides virtual testbed for autonomous vehicles through large scale Digital Twin, asset and scenario portfolio. Using an automated pipeline to create Digital Twin from HD map data, MORAI SIM: DRIVE simulates an environment with embedded material properties identical to reality. The simulator recreates scenarios ranging from real road cases, edge cases, to user configured virtual cases.

MORAI Digital TwinReal-world Image
Fig 1 and 2. MORAI Digital Twin vs. Real-world Image

MORAI Digital Twin example
Fig 3. MORAI Digital Twin example

Refer to the link for example edge case using MORAI SIM: DRIVE and Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors:
The following link demonstrates how wet road, streetlights, or headlamp spectrum impacts road obstacle, lanes, or road signs recognition.


High-fidelity sensors are tested upon MORAI’s scenario and Digital Twin and create raw to processed output (e.g. image capture by user defined period, range-Doppler data, lidar data visualization)

Processed data output sampleProcessed data output sample
Fig 4 and 5. Processed data output sample


1.     Install MORAI AVx Connector and Ansys AVxcelerate Sensors on your PC.
2.     Download dll file for corresponding AVx version. We provide dll versions from 2022 onwards. 
3.     Install MORAI SIM: DRIVE on your PC. A valid license is required to download and access MORAI SIM: DRIVE. All licenses are issued through an online account validated through MORAI servers. Please contact the account representative stated in the support information.

Sample File Execution

User can experience pre-modeled full interaction using sample file. Sample asset, scenario and track files can be downloaded here:

Sample file execution on simulatorSample file execution on simulator
Fig 6 and 7. Sample file execution on simulator

Support Information

For more information visit: