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Q: What is the ANSYS Account and how do I sign up for one?

The ANSYS Account is a unified account for purchasing, downloading, and managing products available online. Use this account for the ANSYS Store, the Discovery suite of products, ANSYS Cloud, and other online services that are coming soon.

To create an ANSYS Account, click Sign up now on the sign-in page .

Q: Are credentials for the ANSYS Store the same as those for the Discovery Portal?

Yes, the Discovery Account has been rebranded as the ANSYS Account but the sign-in information remains valid. If you currently have a Discovery Account, you can use it to sign in to the ANSYS Store and the Discovery Portal.

Q: Are credentials for the ANSYS Store the same as those for the Customer Portal?

The credentials for the ANSYS Store are different from the Customer Portal. To download or purchase an app, you must sign in to your ANSYS Account.

If you do not have an account, you can create one. Click Sign up now on the sign-in page .

Q: What is an ANSYS App?

An ANSYS app is an application developed to tailor ANSYS products or ANSYS simulation workflows. Any ANSYS user can create an app to customize and automate ANSYS simulation workflows, and extend the use of ANSYS software beyond what is supported by its native features and functionalities.

All ANSYS customers-commercial and non-commercial, partners, and ANSYS team members-can create an ANSYS app and publish it on the ANSYS Store. App users can either download an application for free or pay an annual subscription fee as determined solely by the app creator.

Today, we allow app creators to publish only ACT-based apps. For example:

  • ADPL Editor: A Mechanical application that provides an environment for writing APDL commands that is integrated with live, contextual help.
  • Honeycomb Creator: A DesignModeler application for creating honeycomb core models from a few simple cell properties and bulk size specifications.
  • Step Skewed Motor Creation: An Electronics Desktop application for automatically creating a 3D step-skewed electrical machine.

For more information about ACT, see the ANSYS App Developer Resources .

Q: What is the ANSYS Store?

The ANSYS Store is an online marketplace that enables ANSYS app creators to connect with ANSYS app users. It is home to free and paid ANSYS simulation apps. Additionally, we allow publishing of models and libraries that do not require licensing.

Q: How is the new ANSYS Store different from the previous version?

The updated and modernized store provides many new features such as:

  • Full e-commerce functionality
  • Best-in-class browsing experience with an updated web interface
  • Simple and advanced search capabilities, including filtering and sorting based on multiple attributes such as price, target application, and version
  • Ability to purchase, download, and start using an app within minutes
  • Ability to shop for both ANSYS and non-ANSYS applications using the ANSYS Account .
  • Paid apps available exclusively with annual lease licensing
  • Multiple modes of payment, including credit cards, purchase orders, or wire transfers in multiple currencies

Q: What are the benefits of ANSYS App Store?

App Creators

The ANSYS Store provides organizations the opportunity to distribute and sell apps to a large number of potential buyers, promoting their work to the global ANSYS customer base without investing in advertising and expanding brand name recognition. Dashboards and up-to-date analytics are also included.

App Users

The ANSYS Store provides access to fully-tested simulation apps, developed specifically for ANSYS workflows, that are quickly and easily downloadable.

Q: Do I have to be an ANSYS commercial customer to access the ANSYS Store?

Both commercial and non-commercial customers are able to access the ANSYS Store.

Q: Can students access the ANSYS Store?

Yes, if you are a student, you can access the ANSYS Store. You must use the full school name as the company name when registering, and preferably an institutional email address. If you use a free email service such as Gmail and/or an abbreviated school name, the automated export screening can be delayed, or you may be denied registration.

Q: What do I need to have on-hand before submitting my app?

Before submitting your app, ensure you have the following:

  • Documentation for the app, created using the internal template or external template
  • A logo with the following specifications:
  • PNG file
  • 150 x 150 pixels
  • Uses one of the available icon base shapes
  • Agree to the App Lifespan Agreement (agreeing to port versions of your app through all ANSYS releases)
  • Testing report that demonstrates the app has been tested on a targeted version of ANSYS software

For more detailed information, see the Post MY ACT App Request Page or contact us via email .

Q: How can I create and publish my app?

While the ANSYS platform supports the industry's most comprehensive set of tools for engineering simulation, customers also need apps that extend ANSYS solutions and address the specific needs of their business and industry. As an ANSYS partner, no one understands your industry better than you.

The ANSYS App Store is your opportunity to create ACT-based apps that leverage your expertise and use the existing ANSYS sales engine to market them to tens of thousands of ANSYS customers. While you develop, document and support your apps, the App Store enables easy sales and delivery to our customers around the world. We can also provide support if you need help developing your app.

Providing useful apps through the App Store has additional benefits: It can expand your name recognition and reinforce your position as an industry thought leader while providing additional revenue for your company.

To learn more about building and submitting your app, and the App Store terms of business, see the Post MY ACT App Request Page or contact us via email .

Q: Can academic customers publish apps?

Yes you can! They must be published as free apps due to academic software licensing agreements.

Q: Will my name and organizations name appear on my app?

The name of your organization is displayed on the top-left hand corner of each displayed app. The support information for the organization is shown when you click on the app. The name of the application creator or submitter is not displayed.

Q: Will I have to provide technical support for my app?

Yes, you must provide support for all paid apps for the term of the lease (one year from the last sale. Support for free apps is optional. .

Q: Do I need to sign an agreement to publish my app?

Yes, you must sign the Lifespan Agreement, indicating that you agree to port versions of your app through all versions of ANSYS software. For external (non-ANSYS) apps, you must also sign either the Distribution Agreement for Free Apps or the Distribution Agreement for Paid Apps and return it to

Q: Do I need to update my app with each release of ANSYS?

Yes, when you submit an app for deployment you agree to port versions of your app (and make compatibility upgrades where necessary) through all ANSYS releases (for example, 19.0-19.n).

We strongly recommend porting the app to new releases beyond the original target version, to avoid removal from the catalog.

Q: What data is shared with me about the performance of my app?

You will receive a link to a Google Data Studio dashboard that includes both real-time app page analytics and frequently updated metrics on downloads and purchases. This data includes:

  • Number of web visits to the app creator owned page
  • Number of web visits by source (organic traffic, campaign traffic, social traffic, paid search traffic)
  • Number of downloads

Q: Are apps supported with all versions of ANSYS products?

The versions of ANSYS supported by each app are listed on the app's information and download page. Click on the app from the main page to see this information.

Q: How do I download an app?

Downloading an app is a quick and easy process!

To download a free app:

  1. Sign in to your ANSYS Account .
  2. Using the search options on the main page, or by browsing the list of apps, find the app that you want to download.
  3. Click on the app to open the information and download page.
  4. Click Download.
  5. To agree to the Clickwrap software license agreement, scroll to the bottom of the dialog box and click I Agree.

The download starts automatically.

To download a paid app:

  1. Sign in to your ANSYS Account .
  2. Using the search options on the main page, or by browsing the list of apps, find the app that you want to download.
  3. Click on the app to open the information and download page.
  4. Click Buy Now.
  5. Fill out the required information on the payment page and click Place Order.

The download starts automatically. A license key is created and is sent by email (in most cases, it takes less than 10 minutes). Make sure you save your email for the lease period.

Q: What payment methods can I use to purchase an app?

You can use a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), purchase order, wire transfer, or PayPal to purchase an app.

Q: Can I only purchase apps through the eCommerce channel?

p> Purchasing an app online through the ANSYS eCommerce site is incredibly fast and easy. With multiple payment options including online Purchase Orders and credit cards, you can purchase, download and install your app in as little as five minutes. Alternately, you can purchase apps offline through an ANSYS Channel Partner or an ANSYS Sales Rep .

Q: How do I use a purchase order for app purchases?

Simply select Purchase Order as your payment method during checkout. You will then be guided through the process of uploading a signed PO. The PO is reviewed and approved within 5 to 60 minutes.

Q: How long can I use an app?

If you have downloaded a free app, you can use it as long as you want, provided it is compatible with the version of ANSYS you have.

For paid apps, you can use the app until the lease period ends. You must renew the lease to continue using the app.

Q: Can I view all my apps that I have published and downloaded in my account?

At the moment, you cannot view and manage the apps you have published or downloaded in your ANSYS Account. This functionality is coming soon!.

Q: How do I get technical support for an app I have downloaded?

The technical support contact information is located on the information and download page of each app. Please note that only paid apps are required to provide technical support.

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