SKF Bearing V1.4

Supports Ansys: 2021 R2, 2022 R1, 2022 R2
Target Application: Mechanical
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Easily create rolling bearing models to accurately represent bearing stiffness. Get direct access to SKF’s catalogue assortment of approximately 10000 bearing designations.


Bearing stiffness can have a significant impact on machine / system behavior in both static and dynamic conditions. The SKF Bearing App for ANSYS Mechanical enables an easy creation of rolling bearing models to represent bearing stiffness. With direct access to 10000 bearing designations in the SKF catalogue assortment and an easy-to-use wizard, one can design and evaluate a machine with more confidence by using the resulting bearing forces and displacements.

The rolling bearing is modelled using a rigid ring approach where the bearing stiffness is retrieved from an online SKF service, ensuring up-to-date and realistic bearing geometry data. The stiffness is calculated by considering the detailed contacts between rolling elements and the raceways. Full details of micro-geometry, operating clearance and centrifugal forces are thereby accounted for.

Upon solving the model, the effect of the bearing stiffness on system deformation can be examined in a static or dynamic structural analysis. Additionally, the SKF Bearing App populates the corresponding result object of each bearing with its translational and rotation displacements as well as the bearing forces and moments.

The SKF Bearing App simplifies the process of bearing modeling to just a few clicks and relieves the simulation engineer of this burden. It is easy-to-use and provides access to a wide assortment of SKF bearings while adding no major complexity to the FEM solver.

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