7t Fast+More V3.1

Supports Ansys: 2020 R1, 2020 R2, 2021 R1, 2021 R2, 2022 R1
Target Application: Mechanical
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The App models Fasteners like Bolts, Screws and Rivets with just a few clicks - even hundreds of them in complex FEA models. It streamlines Pre- and Postprocessing and provides enormous time savings when handling Fasteners.


The App streamlines the analysis of Fasteners like Bolts, Screws and Rivets. It creates and evaluates even a large number of fasteners with only a few clicks (this free Starter-Version is limited to 10 Fasteners).

Fig. 01

In a first step, the App searches for holes in the geometry and creates Fasteners, no matter if there are solid or shell bodies. The best fitting bolt dimension is selected from a large database und it is recognized whether the bolt connection is through-bolted or screwed-in.

Fig. 02

Fasteners are organized in groups and subgroups. Bolts can be automatically modeled with Joints (Model Class 1), Beam elements (Model Class 2) or Volume bodies (Model Class 3) with various settings. The Modelling can be done with APDL commands in the background (very quick approach) or with native Ansys Mechanical Tree-Objects. With this option the Ansys model can be solved even, if FAST+MORE is not available on your system later.

Fig. 03

Bolt Pretension is automatically defined depending on bolt dimension, thread type, strength grade and tightening factor. Minimum and maximum of the Pretension Force is also taken into account.

After solving the model, the App reads the reaction forces for each Fastener and each load set and calculates a lot of derived result values like Shear Force, Residual Clamping Force, Bolt Stresses, Safety Factors, Utilizations and many more. The result values can be plotted on the geometry (also the vectors of the reaction forces) …

Fig. 04

… or can be listed in tabular form. Filtering and sorting functions make it easy to find the critical Fasteners.

Fig. 05

For a single Fasteners of interest, a detailed Report with a complete list of all the input and result values can also be displayed and stored.

Fig. 06

With a mouse click, the results of a bolt can be exported to Third Party Bolt Assessment Software like MDESIGN or KISSsoft. This saves the often time-consuming and error-prone manual transfer of internal forces and bolt data. You benefit from their additional, outstanding options for verification calculations according to VDI 2230 or Eurocode 3 (only in MDESIGN), including documentation.

A smart workflow is to start with the simplest and quickest Model Class 1 (Joint Connection) and identify the highest utilized Fasteners. With this linear approach input parameters like Bolt Type, Strength Grade or Tightening parameter can be changed and all the derived Fastener results are updated without a time-consuming new Ansys solve. This allows quick what-if analysis and viable Fastener parameter can be found quickly. Later on, a more detailed Analysis with Model Class 2 or 3 can follow for critical Fasteners.

Fig. 07

Fig. 08

This free Starter-Version is limited to 10 Fasteners!

For more Info's see: www.fast-and-more.com

and the YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoRYo-Mr7FqMd_rCNNMAy5A

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