Neural Networks Package V1

Supports Ansys: 2022 R1
Target Application: Embedded Software
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Product Info
The Neural Networks Package for Embedded Software provides a framework for implementing embedded software based on neural networks using Ansys SCADE. The package allows to import a trained network into SCADE, using a library of common layers and activation functions.

Release Notes

First release of the Ansys Neural Networks Package for Embedded Software, including:

  • A Keras importer that generates a SCADE model from a trained Keras network
  • A SCADE library of common neural network layers and activation functions, used by the importer
  • A Python wrapper that can be used to check the behavior of the inference performed by the SCADE model compared to the original framework
  • An example of usage: Lenet example, demonstrating the import flow from Keras

Support Information

Ansys inc.
2600 Ansys Drive
T: 724-746-3304