Electrification Package V2

Supports Ansys: 2021 R1, 2021 R2, 2022 R1
Target Application: Embedded Software
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Product Info
The Electrification Package for Embedded Software provides a framework for implementing the monitoring and control software of electrified systems with Ansys SCADE. The provided libraries can be used for a variety of electrification applications from electric mobility (electric aircrafts, ground vehicles) to auxiliary power electric production and storage systems.

Release Notes

Addition of two examples of motor control software applications, respectively for induction motor control and permanent magnet synchronous motor control. Both examples include:

  • Software requirements (Microsoft Word)
  • SCADE Suite models for the motor control software
  • Twin Builder model for the simulation of the motor control, encompassing both electrical and software parts
  • Web help to guide the user through the example and components discovery

First release of the Ansys Electrification Package for Embedded Software, which includes a complete Battery Management System (BMS) project example illustrating how to implement, trace to requirements, simulate, test and generate code for the cell monitoring and control software with SCADE. It includes:

  • Software requirements (Microsoft Word) for the BMS
  • SCADE Suite and SCADE Test projects and models for the BMS cell monitoring and control software
  • Web help to guide the user through the example and components discovery
  • SCADE extension for traceability of SCADE models with Microsoft Word requirements

Support Information

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