Nuclear ACI 349 Check & Design V5

Supports Ansys: 2019 R1, 2019 R2, 2019 R3, 2020 R1, 2020 R2, 2021 R1, 2021 R2
Target Application: Mechanical
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This Application will allow the user to check and design their Ansys Workbench models using the ACI 349 international construction standards for beams and shells.
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CivilFEM application allows the user to check and design their Ansys® Workbench™ models using the American Nuclear Code ACI 349-13, the international construction standards for beams and shells, both Steel and Reinforced Concrete.

It is completely integrated into Ansys interface, being able to come out the check and design application as if it were a new type of analysis.

Thus, checking and design steel or concrete materials will be possible, not only for steel and concrete beams but also for concrete shells.

When CivilFEM ACT extension is active, the CivilFEM´s ribbon will be displayed on the mechanical interface. This will be a basic to carry out properly both materials and structural elements in order to perform a check or design process.

Therefore, the user can take advantage of the great library data bases both regarding code materials and steel beam sections, among a large number of type of checking and design verifications.

In addition, when solving a group of load cases, it is possible to stablish different load combinations. The Data Set menu will contain those load cases to check. On the other hand, in the Combination the user can define different load states combinations, with their corresponding factorized coefficient.

When CivilFEM, Check and Design Analysis, is solved, all the combinations defined are created.

Then users can create the result for check and design that will be done for all the structural elements created and the load cases defined in the combinations.

Benefits of using the CivilFEM for Ansys ACT.

  • Quick checking and design of your civil structures.
  • The interface is completely integrated into the Ansys Workbench interface, so it is a really easygoing tool.
  • The user will dispose of a large library database of code materials and beams sections.
  • Materials and sections code properties may be submitted to any change as it happens in the checking process.
  • Possibility of carrying out any type of combination between the different solved load steps.

This application is directly targeted to construction engineers aimed to check their structures capabilities.

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