GOM Interface V5

Supports Ansys: 2021 R1, 2021 R2
Target Application: Mechanical
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Facilitate the comparison of displacement and strain fields obtained from numerical simulations and experiments
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The app "GOM Interface" is a tool to facilitate the comparison of displacement, strain and temperature fields obtained from numerical simulations and experiments.

Nodal displacements and/or temperatures are exported from Ansys Mechanical in a format ready to be imported in "SVIEW", "ARAMIS Professional" and "GOM Correlate Professional" software from GOM (not included in the app). For more details about the GOM software, please refer to http://www.gom.com.

The following analysis types are supported:

  • Static and Transient Structural
  • Steady State and Transient Thermal
  • Modal and Harmonic Analysis

Fig: Deviation between measured and simulated shape

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