Ansys Motion V2020.2

Supports Ansys: 2020 R2
Target Application: Mechanical
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Product Info
The App exposes Ansys Motion analyses in Workbench Mechanical


  • An integration of the Ansys Motion solver technology into the Ansys Mechanical GUI.

  • Compatible with Ansys 2020 R2

  • Provides the power of the Ansys Workbench and Mechanical Environments to facilitate the preprocessing of Ansys Motion models.


  • Comprehensive CAD to solution capabilities provided as part of the Ansys Workbench environment include:

    • CAD import from all leading sources

    • Geometry clean up to facilitate fast accurate MBD analyses

    • Comprehensive material library and easy material assignment

    • State of the art meshing designed to produce high quality

meshes ideally suited for flexible body simulations

    • Automatic joint and contact creation within Mechanical

    • Efficient parallel simulations

    • Limited post processing

  • Ansys Motion ACT is the result of a collaborative effort between Virtual Motion and Ansys, Inc. The interface was created using the Ansys Customization Toolkit (ACT), a product of Ansys, Inc. designed to enable customization of the user interface of Ansys products.

Support Information

Ansys inc.
2600 Ansys Drive
T: 724-746-3304