Weld Strength V192.1

Supports Ansys: 19.1, 19.2, 2019 R1
Target Application: Mechanical
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Pre and Post processing tool to create weld contacts, imprints, build solid fillet welds and evaluate weld strength according to Eurocode 3 or user defined codes for fillet and butt welds. All types of FE-models can be used; shell/solid, contact/multi-body, with or without weld geometry.
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Weld Strength App for Mechanical

The EDRMedeso app Weld Strength is a toolkit to speed up pre-and post processing of welded assemblies in Ansys Mechanical according to Eurocode 3 or user defined codes.

Pre processing features:

  • Save and Load Weld Configuration
  • Bonded Contact optimization (New!)
  • Weld Contacts Automation
  • Contact Match Automation
  • Fillet Weld creation (Improved)

Post processing features:

  • Fillet weld strength (Improved and new results)
  • Butt weld strength (Improved and new results)
  • Lamellar Strength (New!)
  • Weld element results
  • User defined weld codes (New features)
    • Structural stress (normal + bending) available as result.
    • Multiple evaluation section through the weld, e.g. weld legs and throat section.
  • Temp file cleanup (New!)

Save and Load Weld configuration; Fillet welds created by Fillet Weld Creation and weld result objects can be saved and imported in other analysis, e.g. in a Thermal analysis to get the correct thermal conduction or in another similar project with the same topology and Named Selections for the Scoping.

Bonded Contact Optimization; Select a contact group or individual contact pairs to optimize the settings for weld evaluation. This will set contact and target face correct and switch to asymmetric behavior.

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