MBD for Ansys Modeler V19

Supports Ansys: 19
Target Application: Mechanical
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Simulate the nonlinear, dynamic behavior of a mechanical assembly in motion. Calculate loads for use in FEA, provide a plant for system analysis, and analyze the motion characteristics of your product. Developed by FunctionBay, the creator of RecurDyn, MBD software.
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MBD for Ansys Modeler is a pre-processor of MBD for Ansys

Ansys users can create Multi-Body Dynamics models using MBD for Ansys Modeler.

The model created by MBD for Ansys Modeler can be simulated using 'Multi-Body Dynamics for Ansys'

MBD for Ansys Modeler provides the following features:

  • Creating rigid bodies. (Design Modeler or SpaceClaim is required)
  • Creating joints (fixed joint, revolute joint, translational joint, others, …)
  • Creating forces (spring, rotational spring, axial force, translational force, others, …)
  • Creating contacts (2D contact and 3D contact)
  • Creating expressions (Mathematical expressions to define the motion or dynamic inputs)

    The benefits of MBD for Ansys Modeler are:

  • Collaboration of several engineers can be achieved using MBD for Ansys Modeler
  • Engineers can continue new modeling without separate solver
  • The model file can be opened and solved using MBD for Ansys
    • Users can apply the Multi-Body Dynamics analysis results as the load conditions for a structural analysis model. (MBD for Ansys (with solver) is required)
    • Users can easily convert the analysis results into the load conditions for a structural analysis model with Load Transfer (MBD for Ansys (with solver) is required)

How to use:
the user who purchase this app should download the full package of MBD for Ansys Modeler from the below link.
(Download MBD for Ansys Modeler)

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