EDEM for Ansys V1

Supports Ansys: 19
Target Application: Mechanical
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Include realistic bulk material loads as standard in your Ansys Mechanical structural analysis to optimize heavy equipment design and reduce reliance on hand calculations and prototyping.
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Ansys Preferred Solution Partner

'EDEM for Ansys' has been developed specifically for engineers designing heavy equipment such as truck bodies, diggers, grab buckets and excavators that are intended to handle bulk materials like coal, ores, rocks, and soils.

Fully streamlined and integrated with WorkBench™, 'EDEM for Ansys' is easy-to-use and seamlessly fits into your analysis workflow. No knowledge in bulk material simulation is needed to use this plugin.

'EDEM for Ansys' enables users to include realistic bulk material loads as standard in their structural design analysis. It provides engineers with a detailed understanding of the impact materials have on their designs, leading to greater insight into equipment performance and enabling more design optimization improvements to be made.

'EDEM for Ansys' is an easy to use tool directly launched from within Ansys® Workbench™.

It comprises two parts:

  • An EDEM analysis system for use in the Ansys Workbench environment. From here, the forces acting on the equipment from the bulk material can be linked to other Ansys analysis systems, such as Static or Transient Structural, to be used as an input boundary condition for an FEA simulation
  • An 'EDEM for Ansys' user interface where engineers can set-up and run their bulk material simulations. Users get direct access to a library of over 40,000 ready-to-use materials models representing ores, soils, rocks, gravels etc. and can select the best match for their application

Key benefits of using 'EDEM for Ansys'

  • Improved design accuracy
  • Greater insight into equipment performance
  • Less reliance on assumption and hand calculations
  • Reduction in expensive physical prototyping
  • Extensive what-if analysis

Target applications

  • Agricultural - Tillage implements, grain harvesters, screw augers, silos
  • Construction - Dump trucks, loaders, excavators, buckets, dozers
  • Mining - Transfer chutes, conveyor belts, vibrating screens


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Ansys version 18.0 or later is required to use 'EDEM for Ansys'.

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